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Frequently Asked Questions

Contracts and Grants

Question: Where can I find a list of object codes that are included in different Facilities & Administrative (F&A) base codes?
Answer: Please refer to this link on the General Accounting website.

Travel and Purchasing

Question: Why can't I purchase an internet package deal if it saves the University money?
Answer: Many Internet booking agencies, such as Expedia and Orbitz, offer discounts on package deals that include a combination of travel expenses purchased together (such as airfare and lodging). While they often provide a cost savings, these package deals rarely include the documentation requirements necessary for University reimbursement. If a breakdown of all expenses and applicable taxes (such as airfare, airfare tax, room rate per night and room tax per night) cannot be provided by the vendor, then UCLA cannot reimburse this expense because IRS requirements have not been met. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.

Question: How do I get reimbursed for travel or a business meeting?
Answer: Please refer to the Travel and Purchasing section for more detail.

Question: Where can I find a list of object codes?

Personnel and Payroll

Question: Where do I turn in my timesheet?
Answer: The monthly timesheet bin is outside of Michael Hall's cubicle in 2051A Moore Hall. The bi-weekly timesheets bin is outside of Jesse Cano's cubicle in 2052 Moore Hall.

Question: What is the hiring process for a student?
Answer: The supervisor and student need to complete an Employment Action Form (EAF) and submit it to Michael Hall (if undergrad, work-study, or a graduate student in a staff title) or to Jesse Cano (if a grad student in an academic apprentice title). Once the form has been submitted, the employment rep will contact the student to make an appointment to come in and complete the rest of the hire forms. No one can begin work until all the employment forms have been completed and appropriate identification has been shown.

Question: Will the person I hire receive benefits?
Answer: Benefits are based on a number of criteria including appointment type, percentage of time, and duration of appointment. Please check with Michael Hall to determine if the individual is eligible for benefits. Graduate students in academic apprentice titles are eligible for student benefits, which differ from staff benefits. Please check with Jesse Cano.

Question: Where do I pick up my paycheck?
Answer: It can be picked up in 2052 Moore Hall. Please bring a valid photo ID for verification.

Question: How do I sign up for direct deposit?
Answer: Please submit a voided check to Michael Hall or Jesse Cano. It takes approximately 15 days for the direct deposit to start.

Question: What title and rate do we usually use when hiring an undergraduate student?
Answer: Title code 4919 Assistant IV, sliding scale of $9.37 up to $12.66, or title code 4920, sliding scale of $8.76 up to $11.82. If the salary you wish to pay the student falls outside of these ranges, then please contact Michael Hall for assistance.

Question: I filled out paperwork the last time I was hired. Why do I have to fill it out again? Aren’t they already on file?
Answer: Any time an employee separates from the university, even for just one day, the employee is required to complete rehire paperwork per campus policy. We do not keep copies of documentation in the office. You are required to satisfy immigration laws by showing proper documentation each time you complete hire paperwork.

Question: I have an active GSR with another department. Do I have to fill out paperwork again?
Answer: No, when you are active with the university, you are not required to complete rehire paperwork again. It is only when you have a break in service, even for just one day, that you need to be rehired. You and your supervisor just need to turn in your Employment Action Form to Jesse Cano. Even with an active GSR appointment on campus, you are still required to submit your employment action form before you begin your new GSR/TA or Special reader positions.

Question: At what percentage am I eligible for fee remission?
Answer: You need a combined academic apprentice appointment of 25% or greater to qualify for fee remissions. If you currently have a GSR appointment lower than 25% and you are awarded another GSR/ TA or Special Reader that will bring you over a combined 25% academic apprentice appointment, then you should notify both supervisors to ensure sufficient funding to cover fee remission. Your two GSR appointments will split fee remission funding.

Question: Can I work more than 50% time during the quarter?
Answer: You are a student first and an employee second. You cannot work above 50% without prior approval from the Grad Division. You will need to contact the Office of Student Services (OSS) to request an exception to work more than 50% time. You cannot work above 50% until the exception is approved by Grad Division. They do not normally grant exceptions above 74%. There are times when you can work above 50%, normally between quarters. Please refer to the Maximum Employment document:

Questions: I completed the new hire paperwork. When will my fees be paid?
Answer: Within 24 hours of being hired, the business office sends a roster with the student’s name to the Grad Division. Depending on the volume of rosters sent to Grad Division, it could take up to one week before fee remission posts to your BAR account. The roster specifies your employment length and will cover your fee remissions accordingly. If hired for the entire academic year, then one roster will cover all three quarters. If the student is only hired on a quarterly basis, then a new roster is sent before every quarter if the business office is notified of the extension on time. For students hired for the entire academic year, Grad Division chooses a specific date to process a batch file for your fee remissions. Often, this date is after the Bar Due Date. As long as you paid your remaining fee balance, you will not be charged late fees nor will your classes be dropped.

General Office Questions

Question: How do I contact someone in the business office?
Answer: Please refer to our Business Office Staff Directory

Question: Who is my fund manager?
Answer: Please refer to our Points of Contact spreadsheet.