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This is UNI Plone Theme


1) Who can be paid as consultant? Non-University person or organization for a specific service provided.

It is important to distinguish between a subaward and a consultant from the initial stages. A Subaward is for work that is directly affecting the grant’s research. A Consultant provides a service that does NOT directly affect the research.

2) Setting up the vendor:
     a. Set them up as a vendor in Bruinbuy. Initial Information needed from consultant: Name, address, and SSN or (Tax ID if consultant is an organization)
     b. Request that consultant complete a W-9 form and send it to Accounts Payable.

3) Creating the Requisition:
     a. You will receive a queue message, once the vendor is established.
     b. In Bruinbuy, create an order as an “R” class. Use sub 07, object code 3455.
     c. Indicate total amount consultant will be paid. Select “undefined unit of measure” and enter amount in “line amount”
     d. In the description include:
          - Name of consultant
          - Summarize scope of work
          - Timeframe of consultant services (start and end date).
          - The daily rate for consultant x number of days
          - Indicate if a signed agreement has been created between faculty and consultant,
          - Indicate where work will take place.

     By creating an “R” class you are sending this requisition to the Purchasing department. Purchasing will request items (4a-e). Purchasing will then create a PO, with a “P” class. Once the PO has been created, you will receive a queue message.

4) Purchasing requires the following documents:
     a. Contract Prehire Worksheet to be completed by the department
     b. Independent Contract/Consultant Form
     c. Sole Source Request Form (if work exceeds $50,000)
     d. Determine if an insurance waiver will be required for the vendor. Review these instructions.

Individuals/companies need liability insurance to conduct business with the University. More specifically, those who have a primary profession or means of making a living is consulting should have general liability insurance as part of their normal business practice, especially when a company name is used. GSE&IS tries to keep to a minimum the hiring of consultants who do not have general liability insurance. When exceptions are made, we expect they are minimal risk and the hiring unit/supervisor understands the need to avoid undue exposure for the school. In exceptional cases, when services are essential to the program/project, a proposal to waive or reduce insurance requirements may be recommended by the Chief Financial Officer based on a risk assessment by the Office of Insurance and Risk Management. In those instances, the Dean may accept financial liability on a one-time basis with the understanding that the consultant for any future work (including continuation of the same Purchase Order) will obtain the necessary insurance at their own expense.


If a waiver is necessary, please contact CFO Rory Constancio to determine the appropriateness of the request. Thereafter, a waiver request may be sent to Felissa Waynick in Insurance and Risk Management.
     e. Scope of Work
     f. CV/Resume, only if an individual (not a company or organization)

5) Consultants typically invoice after work has been completed, which can be monthly or quarterly depending on the terms between consultant and faculty. The invoice must contain the following information:
     a. It must state “Invoice”
     b. Date of invoice, as well as dates of service for payment requested payment
     c. Brief description of service
     d. Name and address of consultant

* International Consultants who complete the work in the US:
1) In addition to all of the above steps above, the consultant must also complete the Glacier process online. To establish this you must fill out the initial Glacier form.
2) When creating the requisition, add Mike Sattin to the email notification.

* For International Consultants who complete the work outside the US, no additional steps are necessary.

Information for Faculty: