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  1. What is a subaward? “A subaward is issued under a grant or cooperative agreement to a for-profit entity, a University, or a non-profit entity for non-commercial or non-standard research related services.”

    It is important to distinguish between a subaward and a consultant from the initial stages. A Subaward is for work that directly affects the grant’s research outcome. A Consultant provides a service that does NOT directly affect the research outcome.
  2. Set up the vendor in Bruinbuy (If vendor is not already in Bruinbuy): You will need the address, exact name of vendor (who check will be made out to), Tax ID number, and contact information. Once vendor is set up you will receive a queue message
  3. Create Requisition in Bruinbuy as a “R” class
    • Use Sub 07
    • If subaward is less than 25k, use object code 7310
    • More than 25k, use object code 7300
    • Indicate total amount of subaward, select “undefined unit of measure,” and enter amount in “line amount”
    • Under description, indicate name of subawardee, name of faculty requesting subaward, timeframe of subaward (start and end date), and brief description of the project.
  4. Requisition will go to Purchasing. Purchasing will request documents listed in item 5 and then send them to Office of Contract and Grant Administration.
  5. The following documents are required:
    1. Detailed Budget (provided by subawardee)
    2. Detailed Scope of Work (provided by subawardee)
    3. OCGA/Purchasing Subaward Checklist: Download
    4. Award Synopsis (from the grant where the subaward is being paid from)
  6. OCGA will create an agreement and will send it to the subawardee for signature.
  7. PO will be issued by Purchasing.
  8. Subawardee may issue invoice for payment. Invoice must contain the following information:
    1. Must state “invoice”
    2. Invoice must be dated after creation of the PO.
    3. Invoice must be itemized and list the dates of service they are requesting payment for.
    4. Invoice must contain brief description of services
    5. PI/Faculty must sign invoice, with “approved for payment,” before it can be sent to Accounts Payable.
  9. If the subaward is for more than one year, Purchasing will keep $1 open on the PO for future use. If you need to increase the PO amount, you must complete the OCGA/Purchasing Subaward form located in item 5c and send to Purchasing.

    * For International Subaward recipients:

If a wire transfer is required, please complete the following form: Foreign Wire Transfer Request

* Note: This is a lengthy process that should be initiated 3 months prior to when payment should actually be made.

UCLA Subaward Forms and Information