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Moore 3027 Video Conference Request

Please submit this form if you wish to request the use of Moore 3027 for a video conference.

Before submitting this form reserve Moore 3027 for your event. Confirmation of your room reservation is necessary before any conference planning can be approved. If you have questions or problems answering the form, please email

Existing Room Reservation Time   Provide the date and time of your room reservation, including setup or time prior to the conference.
/ /   :
Dial Time   Enter the exact time the conference will begin
/ /   :
Hang-up Time   Enter the time the conferencing will end
/ /   :
Conference Type  

Remote Sites  

Host   The site responsible for choosing software or service, creating session, and managing invitations.

GSE&IS Host Service If you are hosting the conference, indicate which software or service you will use

Remote Contact Interaction   What type of interaction will be required between you (or your group) and the remote contact(s)?

Thank you. ETU staff will review your request and contact you for further details. If you do not receive a reply within 2 business days, please contact