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Portable Document Camera Instructions

Epson DC-20 portable document cameras are available for checkout through ETU using the equipment request form. The portable document cameras can be used in any classroom or meeting room with a projector, excluding Moore 3027 which has a built-in doc cam.



  • Shoulder bag
  • Document Camera
  • Power Cable
  • Remote (optional)
  • USB Cable (optional)


To use:

1. Unfold and set up the document camera in desired location, plug in power. From the faceplate on the wall, choose the HDMI cable and plug the other end into the labeled HDMI port on the back of the document camera.

faceplate hdmicabledoccam2

2. Power on the document camera with the button on the base, and power on the projector using the control panel on the wall. If the camera isn't displaying, press the "Source Search" button and choose "HDMI"


3. If necessary, focus and zoom buttons are on the base, and the light switch is on the camera head. 

4. When finished, power off the projector by pressing the power button twice. Power off the projector with the control panel. Remove cables from the document camera. Don't forget to leave the HDMI cable in the room. Re-fold the projector like this to fit into the bag:


Note: If you plan switch between the document camera and a computer on the projector, you can also keep your your laptop connected wirelessly or by using the VGA cable. Press the "Source Search" button on the wall to move between the computer and document camera