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Technology Instructions - Reading Room

Moore Hall 3340 (The Reading Room) is equipped with a wall-mounted TV and sound bar and an AppleTV for wireless connectivity.

 Choose a method to display:


Wireless Projection from a Apple Laptop

Note: Only 1 device can be connected to AirPlay at a time, but switching between devices is simple-- the first device disconnects via the AirPlay menu, and another device can connect, prompting a new numerical code (See steps #4 and #5)

1. Check to see if your laptop allows AirPlay Mirroring

2. Using the Sharp remote, Power on the projector, press Input and select HDMI 2 

3. Using the AppleTV remote, press Menu to display the AppleTV home screen.

4. On your device, connect to the EDUROAM wireless network, and log in using your UCLA Logon ID


5. Click the AirPlay icon in the top menu bar and choose your classroom.


(If your AirPlay menu is not already in your menu bar, go to System Preferences > Displays and check the box for Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available.)


6. A numerical code will display on the projector-- enter that code into the popup on your laptop


If your laptop screen doesn't display, choose the following from the AirPlay menu:


7. To disconnect, click the AirPlay menu in the toolbar and select Disconnect AirPlay Display.

Note: you must disconnect when you are finished so the next user can connect!



Wireless Projection from an iOS device using AirPlay


1. Check to see if your iOS device supports AirPlay

1. Power on the projector, and from the remote or wall control pad, push Source Search to select DisplayPort

2. Connect to the EDUROAM wireless network, and log in using your UCLA Logon ID


3. Follow these steps depending on your device and iOS version


Wireless Projection from a Windows Laptop using Air Parrot

(coming soon) 


Connecting to the Projector using Cables

1. Connect your computer with a cable to the box on the wall to the left of the TV.

-- Laptops with VGA output can use the audio cable if necessary  

--Laptops with HDMI output (preferred!) can project audio and video from the same cable.


Note: For Apple laptops, a Mini Display port adapter is provided.


2. Using the Sharp remote, Power on the projector, press Input and select HDMI 1 (HDMI) or Video 1 (VGA).