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Checkout iPads

ETU Checkout iPads - Policies and Procedures

About ETU iPads

ETU has several 16 GB WiFi (first generation) Apple iPads available for short-term checkout, by an individual for off-campus school-related use, or as a set for on-campus classrooms or meetings. To check out an iPad, the borrower must read and agree to follow the procedures below. If you have questions, please contact ETU before making a reservation.


Usage Options

ETU iPads can be used in 2 ways:

  • Borrower may use iPad with ETU's default settings and pre-installed apps, without syncing to a computer
  • Borrower may erase the ETU default settings and sync the iPad with his/her own iTunes library. This is recommended for advanced users only-- those who already have an iPhone, iPod touch that they sync with iTunes, or who are familiar with their iTunes library and want to use their own settings and content.
For detailed instructions about how to use checkout iPads, please see ETU's Support Pages.

Usage Policies and Guidelines


Reservations, Availability, and Loan Period

iPads may be reserved and checked out by current GSE&IS faculty and staff through ETU. Reservations for iPads should be made on the equipment reservation page:
iPad reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. ETU can not guarantee that iPads will be available. There will be a 2 day turnaround on iPad return and checkout-- ETU will reset and charge iPads between checkout periods.

Loan Period

The checkout period for a single iPad is 1 week, but may be extended by 1 week if availability allows. At the end of week 1, the user may submit another reservation request in order to renew the reservation.


All iPads will be recalled during the 2-week course evaluation period at the end of each quarter. They will be available again at the beginning of the following quarter. If you are a faculty member who wants to reserve a set of iPads for your course evaluation, please indicate this in your equipment reservation.


Borrower Responsibility

The working condition of the iPad will be assessed before checkout and upon its return.  Users are responsible for damage to and/or loss or theft of loaned units. Users are required to report any problems experienced with the iPad during their borrowing period. Each iPad is equipped with a carrying case, A/C charger, and USB cable, all labeled with the iPad's number. All parts must be returned with their associated iPad, in the condition in which they were borrowed. Users will be responsible for all damage outside the manufactuer’s warranty.


Personal Data and Information

ETU's iPads may be synced with the borrowers own iTunes account, but all data will be lost when the iPad is returned. Users are responsible for their own content, including backups, transfers, and media. 


Using the GSE&IS settings

If the borrower does not sync the iPad with his/her own iTunes account, the borrower may use the GSE&S settings including a suite of pre-loaded licensed apps. Borrowers may add their own music, movies, photos, and documents. Using their own Apple ID’s, borrowers may download media or applications from the Apple store. However, all applications, media, and documents will be permanently erased when the iPad is returned.


Apple IDs and Security

Users who utilize the GSE&IS settings may create an Apple ID to sign into the Apple Store, or sign in with their own exisiting Apple ID. The user is responsible for the use of his or her Apple ID. Apple IDs can only be managed through Apple’s website. ETU can not restore passwords or support Apple ID accounts.