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Portable Videoconferencing Unit


The Logitech ConferenceCam is a tabletop all-in-one unit featuring a speaker, microphone, and video camera. It connects to Apple and Windows computers with a USB cable and replaces the built-in speakers, microphone, and webcam. By using an external device for video and sound, you expand the range of vision, add a high-quality omnidirectional mic, and easily adjustable speakers. The camera pans and tilts to capture all participants. It is recommended for groups of 2-6 people, ideally around a conference table. The computer connected to the ConferenceCam can be attached to a projector or other display.

You can use the ConferenceCam with most popular web-based conferencing services, including but not limited to: Zoom, Skype, Fuze, Adobe Connect, WebEx, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts. 




1. Assemble the device- the camera can either be plugged in directly to the base, or be mounted on the height extender depending on your preference.


2. Plug the USB cable attached to the base into your laptop. For power, you have 2 options: a) use the provided cable with the wall plug or b) Use the provided cable with the USB connection, if you have an extra USB port. You may need to press the green call button to initialize the device.

3. Launch the videoconferencing application on your computer. If necessary, adjust the application settings to use the ConferenceCam instead of your built-in devices. Your speakers, microphone, and camera settings should be switched to "BCC950 ConferenceCam"

Audio and Video Settings Support:

Skype for Windows
Skype for Mac
Google Hangouts
WebEx Connect (page 3)
FaceTime Choose "Video" dropdown from top menu bar


4. Position the unit in the preferred place on the table. Buttons for camera angle adjustment, microphone mute, and speaker volume are on the base and remote. The red and green call and hangup buttons work with limited software; it's best to use your conferencing application to dial and disconnect.