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ETU Policies

Educational Technology Unit (ETU) policies regarding services provided for students, faculty, and staff

The Graduate School of Education & Information Studies maintains school-wide computing and audiovisual facilities and support through its Educational Technology Unit (ETU). Support from ETU has the following conditions:


GSE&IS Faculty & Staff in the conduct of their jobs for the School and students who have obtained GSE&IS accounts receive support on all school-owned hardware and software. Students not eligible for GSE&IS accounts are restricted to support on equipment and software checked out for use in classes.


GSE&IS instructional, administrative, and research activities* conducted using School-purchased equipment.**


Hardware and software consulting and troubleshooting in-person or by telephone for on-campus equipment and software purchased with school funds, and telephone support for school-owned equipment and software that is off-campus.***


Monday - Thursday, 8-6; Friday, 8-4 (Academic Year)

Monday - Thursday, 9-5; Friday, 9-4 (Summer Session/Winter and Spring Break)


Moore Hall 3051

GSE&IS Building 213

Telephone: (310) 825-1911


* Research activity support requires agreement with ETU on the kind and level of support before the research project begins. Support will vary depending on what kind of hardware and software is involved and whether there is funding to defray the cost of ETU time.

**Support for School-purchased equipment is generally prioritized in the following way: 1st: equipment purchased with 19900 funds; 2nd: equipment purchased with non-19900 funds (excluding some 60000 funds), as long as the equipment meets current standards; 3rd: equipment purchased with some 60000 funds (by prior arangement only). Supported School-purchased equipment is limited to: Macintosh computers, Dell and HP Windows computers, and HP printers in School offices and School labs; Macintosh and other servers and network hardware and software in data closets.

*** Every effort is made to deal with requests immediately, taking into account prior commitments for support.