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GSE&IS Passwords

A guide to resetting/changing your GSE&IS password

Changing an existing password

1. Log in at with your current GSE&IS username and password.

2. Provided you successfully logged in, on the resulting page you will see a password change area that looks like the image below.



Choosing a New Password

Your new password will still have to be a minimum of 8 characters, contain a numeral, an uppercase character, and a special character (like punctuation). However, your password does not have to be difficult to remember or cryptic!! It is to your benefit to make your password personal, memorable, and easy to type.

By far, the most important component of a secure password is length. The longer a random set of characters is, the more difficult it is to crack. We encourage you to make your passwords longer than 8 characters. After all, if it is easy to type, it doesn’t matter!

Here is a great site about choosing a secure password - and it will even show you how long it would take to hack yours!

Also, common words are discouraged. Even if you include special symbols, numerals, etc., if their position in a string would resemble a common word, then you should know that the hackers are on to you. Be creative, and make your new password longer.


What To Expect After A Password Change

The change will be immediate. To log into your desktop computer or a lab computer you will use the new password. Also, after you are logged in to your computer, any GSE&IS resources that require a username and password to access will immediately want the new password - file servers, GSE&IS Email, etc. On first run, your email program (Apple Mail, GSE&IS Web Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook) will fail to retrieve your email. You will probably be prompted for the new password.

Your password change will not have any effect on any services where you use a BOL login or UCLA Logon ID (such as eTimesheet).

For Forgotten Passwords:

ETU does not have access to your password and cannot retrieve it for you. If you forget your password, you will need to reset it. To reset your password, contact ETU.