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Contributing to iTunesU

Instructions for publishing your audio, video, PDF, and ePub files to GSE&IS' iTunes U pages.

GSE&IS faculty, staff, and students who wish to publish multimedia content to GSE&IS's iTunes U pages- contact ETU with your Apple ID, and an administrator will add you to the site and assign you to a collection. 


Managing Your iTunes U Collection

In iTunes U, A collection is a group of items with a similar theme or topic. Some examples include: A class with weekly lectures, a speaker series, or a set of training videos. Each item is a downloadable audio, video, PDF, or ePub file. 

Below are some basic instructions; if you can't find what you need here, consult Apple's Public Site Manager Help or contact ETU.

1. Once you have been added as a contributor, log into the iTunesU Site Manager with your Apple ID and password.

2. You will see the collection(s) you have been authorized to manage. Choose the collection you would like to manage and click Edit Feed.

3. Click Channel to edit the settings for the whole collection. Use the following:

TitleEdit the existing title if necessary
Author Enter: GSE&IS UCLA
Category Select: Teaching & Learning

Choice of:
Information/Library Science 
or a relevant Education topic

Is Complete Leave unchecked if
later items will be added
Subtitle Optional
Summary Description of your channel's content
Copyright Enter: UCLA
Keywords Optional, enter relevant search terms

4. Add a Category cover, click Choose File and select a square-dimensioned jpg file with an image size of at least 1400x1400. It will be automatically resized into the necessary dimensions.

5. Click Save when you are finished.

6. Click Items to add or edit the media files in your collection. To add items, click Upload New Items and follow instructions. To remove an item, hover over it's row and click the trash can icon that appears on the left.

7. After a new item is added, click its row in your list of items. You can add a subtitle, summary, and keywords for the individual item (as opposed to the whole collection). Click Save

8. When you are finished click Return to Collections Manager in the upper left. 

9. To see your collection in iTunes, click the red arrow in the Page Status column.

Note: You also have the option to add a collection. If you do so, use the settings above. If you are not sure what should be in a collection, please contact ETU for guidance. 


Sharing your iTunes U Collection


People can find your iTunes U Collection by searching for the collection or item title in the iTunes application. Or, you can provide a link to the collection page. To see the link, open your collection in iTunes, click the down arrow next to the Subscribe button, and choose your method of distribution.