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This page provides an overall summary of how to handle approvals of timesheets in eTimesheet.

Accessing Your Approvals

eTimesheet uses email to notify approvers of any timesheet items awaiting their approval. When a timesheet is awaiting your approval, you hold the "lock" on that timesheet item and it will not proceed through the approval workflow until you have somehow handled the item (by approving or rejecting it), which will result in the removal of the lock. Approval notifications are sent at 9AM and 3PM to all approvers who hold the lock on at least one timesheet.

Clicking the top level "My Approvals" link in the menu bar in eTimesheet will result in a page summarizing of the workflow status for any and all timesheet items on which you are expected to act. The following image represents the general anatomy of the approvals page.

Supervisor Timesheet Review Approval Summary

This layout displays timesheets at three different stages in the approval workflow:

  1. waiting for action by you
  2. not yet ready for action by you
  3. items you have already acted on

Most importantly, each line offers the current status of an item along with a link to view the detail for that item. In some cases you will be able to select items for approval or rejection directly from this layout. There are times where items cannot be selected for any action and when this is the case, that line will be highlighted by a color (usually yellow). This indicates that the item must be fully reviewed, in detail, by you before you can approve it. Most often this is because the timesheet contains overtime or some other condition worth noting. A help page explaining the overtime approval controls is here. Clicking "Show Detail" would reveal a "sheet" which displays a calendar representation of the item, including time reported, totals, any notices, as well as controls for approval.

When you select listed items for approval or rejection, another action button will automatically be presented to take the appropriate action on selected items. Given a set of timesheet items awaiting your approval, you can select the "Approve" checkbox for some, and concurrently select the "Reject" checkbox for others. The final action button will take the appropriate action on each item.

Supervisor Timesheet Review Approval Action