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Approvals with Overtime

Description of presentation and process involved in approving timesheet items with overtime.

If you have not already done so, it may be useful to check the general overview of approvals.

When reviewing your My Approvals page, sometimes eTimesheet will display items with a yellow background. In the example below, Jackson Bruin's timesheet for the BW period from 9/27-10/10 has time reported on it that causes eTimesheet to flag it.

Supervisor Timesheet Review Approval OT Summary

This is a general warning about time reported on this item. The most common reason for a warning would be that the owner of that timesheet item reported time that meets criteria to be reported as overtime. In such a case, the  checkboxes to approve/reject the item will be greyed out and not directly selectable. The reviewer must select the "Show Detail" link to more closely review the item.

Supervisor Timesheet Review Approval OT Handling

Since overtime for non-exempt employees is calculated on a weekly basis at UCLA, eTimesheet provides tools to handle the extra time reported on a per week basis. Any extra time an employee reported will generally appear as Regular time at this point. While a supervisor cannot "edit" a timesheet or the time reported by the employee, a supervisor can choose that overages be reported as Comp Accrued or Overtime. It is assumed that this would be done based on an understanding reached between a supervisor and an employee (outside of eTimesheet). In order to apply this choice, the supervisor would take actions as displayed in the following screenshot.

Supervisor Timesheet Review Approval OT Replace

 Taking these actions results in a timesheet adjusted with new time entries. These time entries would demonstrate that overtime was to be paid as comp accrued for week 1 on the timesheet. If other weeks had overtime, there would be multiple buttons to handle those separately. The following screenshot demonstrates how the adjusted timesheet would look. Regular Time was debited by the extra 4 hours, and 6 hours of Comp Accrued Premium were applied to the last day of the week. Also, notice there is now an "Approve" button when there was not before and the totals were updated with the new values. Clicking the approve button will return you to "My Approvals" with this item selected for approval.

Supervisor Timesheet Review Approval OT Replace Post


For some represented employees (i.e. CUE), the employee selects on their own how their overtime should be handled by submitting a CX Comptime Agreement at the time of hire. They can update the selection yearly. In these cases eTimesheet will automatically convert extra time reported in accordance with the selection made by the employee.