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Exempt Time Entry

This is an eTimesheet help page for entering time, adjusting time entries, for exempt employees.

Accessing Your Timesheet

Clicking the top level "My Timesheets" link in the menu bar in eTimesheet will result in a page with your timesheet calendar for the current pay period. The image below is representative of what an exempt employee would see. It also demonstrates the general workflow for adding non productive time (time away) to the calendar.

  1. select days to add time
  2. select the type of non-productive time to add to the selected days
  3. click the button, "Add to Days"

Summary of the timesheet calendar page for exempt employees with a workflow for adding time away.


The image below reflects the result of the entry executed above - two vacation days applied around the Thanksgiving Holiday. For exempt employees there is only one entry per day. Exempt employees do not create entries for time worked - only time away.

Exempt Timesheet Calendar Time Entry Result