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eTimesheet Help Pages FAQ

1. Am I an exempt employee or non-exempt employee?

If your position is "exempt," that means it is exempt from overtime reporting. In the plainest terms, you are a salaried employee, you only report time away from work, and you do so in whole day increments. If your position is "non-exempt," you report all daily productive time as well as all time away (non-productive time), making sure to account for all work hours each day. If you work more than 40 hours per week, you will be paid overtime. For more detail on this, you can go here.

eTimesheet will know whether your position is exempt or non-exempt. When you access the timesheet/calendar page, you will be given tools to edit the timesheet based on your exempt status.

2. I am a GSR. Do I really submit a blank timesheet?
Yes. GSR's do not report daily worked hours. You should only report time away in whole day increments. However, GSR's also do not accrue sick leave or vacation so your options for reporting time away are limited - namely "Leave Without Pay" and "Jury Duty." Barring those two options, you will almost always submit a blank timesheet for approval by your supervisor. 

3. There is no submit button so I can't submit my timesheet.

The most common cause of this issue is that you either don't have any approvers assigned for your job record or all assigned approvers have marked themselves out of office. A timesheet cannot be submitted without an available approver to whom the timesheet can be routed.

4. I submitted my timesheet to my approver. Can I still make changes to it?

Once you submit your timesheet, its status is changed, and it is "locked" by the (first) approver. In order to edit the timesheet or make corrections you must recall the timesheet. You can do this as long as the timesheet item is still awaiting approval. If your (last) approver has already approved the timesheet, you will have to request them to recall their approval then subsequently reject your timesheet back to you for changes.

5. I'm having an issue using eTimesheet or I believe it isn't doing the right thing. What should I do?

If you are able to log into eTimesheet, you should log in and click the "Contact Us" link. This is the absolute best path to take since it notifies all appropriate parties about your issue.