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Non-Exempt Time Entry

This is an eTimesheet help page for entering time, adjusting time entries, for non-exempt employees.


You can save a default weekly schedule. This will automatically be applied to new timesheets you create or any time you click the "Set To Defaults" button while editing your timesheet. This button will only appear if you have saved defaults.


Navigate to Defaults Editor


Edit Defaults


Accessing Your Timesheet

Clicking the top level "My Timesheets" link in the menu bar in eTimesheet will result in a page with your timesheet calendar for the current pay period. The image below is representative of what a 100% time non-exempt employee would see.


Non-Exempt Timesheet Calendar Summary


Editing and Making Changes to Timesheet 

To edit the times entries on a day, you simply click anywhere inside the borders of a day on the calendar. There will be a resulting modal window that will allow you to add, edit, remove individual time entries on that day. For instance, if I wanted to edit the time entries for 10/16, I would click that day and the resulting editor would look like the following (with summary markup).


Non-Exempt Timesheet Day Editor


The following image demonstrates what it would look like if I edit the day (10/16) to include sick time. This demonstrates an important point about non-exempt time entry - that a day's hours can be split and allocated by creating multiple time entries for the day and adjusting the time values.


Non-Exempt Timesheet Day Editor Split Time