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Server Access for OSX


Both the GSE&IS' Home Server and Shared Server can be accessed both on and off campus. If you are connecting to a GSE&IS server from off-campus, it may be necessary to use the BOL CISCO VPN Client before connecting.


Initiate a connection to the server:

  • From the Mac OS X Finder menu select: Connect to Server... from the Go menu. The Connect to Server dialog will be displayed.
  • In the Server Address field, enter the server you want to access: 

- for staff accessing your home folder, type:

-for faculty accessing your home folder, type:

-for anyone accessing a shared folder, type:

  • Click the Connect button.

The computer will initiate a connection to the server you have accessed. If you are connecting from an ETU-maintained computer, you will skip the login process since your initial login to the computer authenticates your access. If you are connecting from home, you will be prompted for your GSE&IS username and password. After entering this information into the authentication dialog, click OK. The Volume Selection dialog will appear.

  • Select the volume you want to access. You may see more than one volume if you have permission to access multiple folders on the same server.
  • Click OK.

The  volume will mount to your computer's desktop. To open it, double click on its icon from the desktop. If it does not appear on your desktop, click on it in the let side of any Finder window.

You will notice that some of the folders may have red minus signs on them. These folders are not accessible by your account.

Ejecting the Server

To eject the  once you have finished using it, select its icon in the Finder and under the File menu, select "Eject" or drag the icon to the trash.

Getting Help

For questions regarding accessing GSE&IS servers via Mac OS X, please contact ETU at (310) 825-1911 or by emailing