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Unsupported2 Web Server

For those faculty members and divisions running legacy websites, the <unsupported> web server will host these services with limited support by ETU.

Legacy websites run by school research groups or other units and individual faculty members will continue to be hosted by ETU on the <> web server with limited support by ETU.  Because these sites are designed and managed by people outside ETU, the following conditions must be agreed to:

  • All code within your site is self-maintained.  This includes HTML and all other web languages.
  • Wiki or blog software is not allowed to be installed within your webspace.  ETU will work with you to make external wiki and blog services available through the GSEIS domain.
  • If your web space taxes the system or is compromised, it will be shut down until you are able to resolve the issue.
  • All those with <unsupported2> accounts are expected to understand basic unix commands to maintain your sites and provide proper access to those that maintain it.
  • ETU will ensure that the <unsupported2> server is up to date in terms of security patches and supporting services (e.g., mySQL).
  • ETU will backup spaces on the <unsupported2> server.  Some file formats will be excluded from the backup, including media files such as audio and video.
  • While ETU supports connectivity to <unsupported2>, it does not troubleshoot or help with the use of SFTP and SCP clients, including Dreamweaver.

Access to <unsupported2>

Access to your webspace is granted via SFTP and SCP protocols.  There are several clients on both the Mac and Windows platform you can use to connect:

Fetch WinSCP
Transmit CoreFTP
TextWrangler Filezilla
Dreamweaver Dreamweaver

To connect to the server point your SFTP or SCP client to:

  • Server:
  • Port: 22

To login use your GSEIS username and password.

When you successfully login to your account you will be put into your user home.  To navigate to your site you will need to change directories.

Faculty and staff personal pages are located in /var/www/pages/faculty

Research Group or other unit sites are located in /var/www/.