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Information regarding eTimesheet, the GSE&IS online Timesheet application

eTimesheet is a user-friendly web-based product that facilitates the routing and approval process between employees and supervisors, improves tracking the status of timesheets, increases efficiency and effectiveness of resources supporting personnel/payroll, and automates time reporting and payroll processing--replaces paper. The system: 1) routes employee submitted timesheets for local supervisor(s) approval; 2) upon supervisor approval, routes timesheets to the central Business Office for review and analysis; and 3) transmits final electronic record to the central Payroll Office to issue employee pay checks. The application presents all the essential elements for monthly and biweekly time reporting using a calendar format that assists employees and supervisors with navigating relevant University policy and procedures.  In addition, the application will provide timesheet status as well as timely email notifications to employees and supervisors regarding deadlines.  

eTimesheet uses a secure interface utilizing passwords, as well as documenting user actions via date/time stamp logs throughout.

Only employees who have received the required training will be granted access to eTimesheet and will not be able to logon to the system until doing so.  Please contact your supervisor if you are not sure whether you should report time via eTimesheet or use paper timesheets during this transition.

eTimesheet website:

For assistance using eTimesheet, please visit our eTimesheet help pages.