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Staff Personnel

Information for staff of GSE&IS

A.  Benefits
Eligibility for employee benefits is based on the percentage of time, duration of appointment, and the type of appointment (career, contract, limited appointment, or casual restricted). For more information on staff employee benefits contact Human Resources at You can also visit the main Campus Benefits website at

Any employee who has a PIN number may access the following information after they’ve gone to the At Your Service website.

  • Update name, home address, home phone number.
  • Update tax marital status, personal and withholding allowances, and additional tax withholdings.
  • Change PIN as well as set additional security features as part of the UC for Yourself application.
  • Reset the PIN in case you have forgotten it; this "Forgot PIN" capability is made available on the "Login" page of the application since it would need to be effected prior to actually "logging in."
  • View and/or print a verification of current employment status.
  • Make changes to investment programs such as DCP, 403B, and tax-deferred Plans.
  • Review your beneficiary designations at any time, and to name or change your beneficiary as necessary for retirement and savings plans.

At Your Service is administered by the Office of the President. If employees encounter problems using At Your Service, they should call the Help Desk at the toll-free phone number 1-877-457-8239(1-877-HLP-UCFY) and be prepared to tell them their employee ID number.

The employment verification data is sent to the Office of the President in a nightly upload from the EDB payroll system. If employees have questions about the data on the Employment Verification Report, then they should address them to the departmental Payroll/Personnel preparer.

B.  Leave of Absence
There may be times during your career at UC when you need to take a leave of absence. There are a number of types of approved leaves of absence: Family and Medical LeaveFurloughLeave without PayMilitary LeavePaid Leave.

  • i. How to request a leave
    Talk to your supervisor to request a leave of absence.
  • ii. Benefits while on leave
    The chart explains what happens to your benefits if you take a leave of absence. You may wish to talk with your location's Benefits Office to make sure you understand all the implications of your leave.
  • iii. If you move out of medical/dental service area
    If you continue UC-sponsored medical or dental coverage and you move out of your plan's service area for more than two months during your leave, UC regulations allow you to transfer to a UC-sponsored plan that provides service in your new location. You must transfer within 31 days of the date you leave the service area. Contact your local Benefits Office. You and/or your eligible family members may also need to select a new primary care physician(s). Contact your medical plan carrier.
  • iv. UCRP service credit
    In most cases, you do not earn UCRP service credit while on a leave of absence. However, you may be able to buy back the service credit.
  • v. Returning from leave
    When you return to work, records must be updated, benefits must be activated, and forms must be processed. If you continued coverage during your leave, at some locations coverage continues automatically. At other locations you must re-enroll. Because procedures vary by location, it is very important that you review your benefits with your local Benefits Office within 31 days after you return to work.

    For some plans, you have a new period of initial eligibility (PIE) in which to enroll, re-enroll, or make changes. If you miss the PIE, some plans allow you to enroll during Open Enrollment, usually held in November. Other plans may require you to submit a statement of health to the insurance company; doing so, however, is no guarantee that you will be accepted. To be sure you get the coverage you want, sign up during your PIE.

    In addition, you must meet all eligibility requirements when you return to work. If your appointment changes when you return to work, your new appointment will determine the benefits in which you may enroll. If you have family members eligible for coverage, contact your local Benefits Office to enroll them within your new 31-day PIE.
  • vi. Retiring/ending employment while on leave
    Contact your local Benefits Office if you end UC employment while on leave, and read the Termination of Employment Checklist [PDF]. Ask your Benefits Office for more information about your options for continuing group coverage.

    If you decide to retire while on leave, see the Retirement Handbook [PDF] for information. Because a leave may affect your retirement benefits, be sure you discuss your options with your local Benefits Office before you elect to retire.

C.  Personnel Policies Governing Employment
Employment policies describe certain rights, benefits and expectations that encourage professionalism, service, and contribution. The policies that govern each employee group depend on the employee payroll title. All personnel policies can be found at UCLA's Campus Human Resources.

Please read the UC Personnel Policies for UC Staff members (PPSMs). In addition, some positions at the University may be covered by a union and specific policies agreed upon by the University and the bargaining Union apply. If the payroll title is clerical (Clerk-Administrative Assistant series) the Clerical Unit Contract (CUE) applies; if the title is “Staff Research Associate”, the Research Support Professionals Unit Contract (UPTE) applies; if the payroll title is Computer Resource Specialist or Lab Assistant, the Technical Unit Contract (UPTE) applies; if the payroll title is Lab Helper, the Service Unit Contract (AFSCME) applies.

The Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) is intended to stimulate and promote part-time student employment, particularly students from low-income families, as part of their financial aid package. The federal government allocates funds annually to the UCLA Financial Aid Office for this purpose.

Through the Federal Work-Study Program, departments and Work-Study split the salary cost of a student. Work-Study pays 50% and the department pays 50%. The program begins in the Fall and an announcement with the details of the program are sent out via email by our GSE&IS Human Resources Office

E.  Keys
With approval of the respective supervisor, keys to the building and offices may be obtained through the Support Services Office, located at A036 Moore Hall, extension 62459. There may be a refundable $20 deposit fee required for the keys. Career employees are exempt from the deposit fee.

F.  Campus Directory
Employees will automatically be added to the ORION database for the next campus directory printout. 

G.  Bruin Identification Card
After being hired in the University system, please obtain a Bruin I.D. Card. The office is located at 123 Kerckhoff Hall. Please call ext. 52336 for an appointment.

A Bruin ID Card functions as the all-in-one identification for various areas and services on campus. A debit feature may also be activated to allow for purchases at the UCLA Store, Central Ticket Office, Transportation Services, bookstores and campus restaurants. In addition, card holders may add an AT&T calling card number. Applicants must sign a terms and conditions form and provide a photo ID and employee number. Cards are processed while you wait. There is a $20 fee for lost cards.

H.  Parking
Those interested in obtaining a parking permit, see Jorge Gomez in Room 2051A Moore Hall. Permits are available for annual or quarterly periods, depending on your appointment status. Staff must have a minimum 50% appointment to be eligible (not guaranteed) for parking. Academic Apprentice must have a minimum 49% appointment with GSE&IS to be eligible for parking. Your appointment must be showing on the University payroll system before a permit can be issued. The cost of the permits varies depending on the type you obtain. See Jorge for details. Note: Undergraduate students (including those employed by the University) must apply for parking through Parking & Commuter Services.

For current rates go to: