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Common Good Policy and Services

SSU's Common Good Policy and Services at GSE&IS

Common Good Policy and Services

Dean's memo to faculty about Common Good policy

The common good budget provides fundamental support upon which faculty are able to rely to fulfill their mission of teaching, research, and community service. The common good was created to provide:

  • Access for faculty to resources to enhance the instructional component of the GSE&IS mission
  • Assistance to faculty with the purchase of certain equipment, supplies, and services at the best prices. (Buying decisions are made by experienced staff in the Support Services Unit and, as needed, with the consultation of ETU personnel and other faculty. University purchasing guidelines are strictly followed.)
  • Assistance to faculty with expenses associated with university administrative functions that support teaching and service and are a part of the "cost of faculty doing business" at UCLA and are not provided by other fund sources (i.e., grants, gifts, self-supporting programs, or revenue generating accounts)


Common goods are available to faculty while they maintain a regular appointment in GSE&IS and does not apply at time of transfer, leave, or retirement.

Goods & Services Provided under Common Good

  • Office supplies (those considered routine and kept in stock)
  • Telephone line & instrument charges for faculty (one office only)
  • Office furniture (desk, task chair, file cabinet, bookcase, and guest chair) is provided from available inventory maintained in the Support Services Unit. Requests for furniture to meet special needs will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Where appropriate, cost-sharing will be considered.
  • Photocopying: Instructional copying provided through Divisional Administrative Assistants or IS Department Assistant in support of teaching; the
    allowance is up to 12,000 copies per fiscal year (see Addendum to Common Good Policy - dated Dec 2000)
    • Mailing (campus and U.S. mail), mail handling, limited messenger delivery & receiving. Frequent use of special mail or messenger/delivery services will be considered exceptional and faculty will be asked for a recharge ID.
    • Regular handling of incoming FAX documents and outgoing FAX's.
    • Moving of furniture when associated with the Dean's decisions related to space planning
    • Minor repairs and refreshed paint, if necessary, will be completed at the time of a move that is made as a result of a Dean's decision related to space planning
    • Moving of basic office furniture (a bookshelf, a filing cabinet, a desk)
    • Off-campus storage for a period of two years. After two years, materials will be handled as follows. Faculty will be asked for a recharge ID, such as an FRA account or extramural funds, to pay for additional storage time. At owner's request, materials will be given to the owner for disposal or storage elsewhere.At owner's request, materials will be destroyed or discarded directly from the storage facility.

      Please note that all of the above items, when done in support of an extramurally funded project or a self-supporting program, must be charged to the project. It is UCLA policy and practice that equipment and other items acquired with extramural funds become the property of UCLA. 

      LECTURERS: All instruction-related expenses are covered by the common good account. Additional funds may be allocated at the Department Chair's discretion. 

      Please let us know if you have any questions about the use and management of the common good budget.