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Faculty Executive Committee (FEC)

GSE&IS' Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) membership and information

About the FEC 

FEC Members

Meeting Dates and Locations

Representatives to the UCLA Academic Senate Legislative Assembly



About GSE&IS' Faculty Executive Committee

The Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) is the elected representative body of the Faculty of the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. It functions as an arm of the Academic Senate and per its by-laws, provides general oversight of the welfare of the students, faculty, and staff of the School; advises the Dean on academic policies, long‑range planning, budget considerations, and allocation of Faculty positions with the School; and reviews and responds to proposed University policies.


Members of the FEC are elected from and by the Academic Senate members of the faculty of GSE&IS and are expected to represent the interests of their faculty constituents. In addition to the Chair and the Chair-elect, the membership includes:

  • Three Education Faculty, elected by the Department of Education faculty (2 year terms);
  • Two Information Studies Faculty, elected by the Department of Information Studies faculty (2 year terms);
  • Two Faculty members, elected at large (2 year terms)


    The FEC also includes the following non-voting members:

    • The Dean, Associate Deans, and Department Chairs (ex officio);
    • Two professional faculty members, one from each department;
    • Two student representatives, one from each department.


      Although the FEC formally represents the Senate Faculty, we consider it our responsibility to represent the interests of all faculty members of the School without regard for their eligibility for Senate membership. Meetings are open to all members of the faculty.


      Faculty Executive Committee Members

      Johanna Drucker, Chair
      Edith Omwami, Chair Elect
      Federica Raia, Ellen Pearlstein, Members-at-Large
      Teresa McCarty, Sylvia Hurtado (F&W)/Walter Allen (Sp), TBD, Education Representatives
      Ramesh Srinivasan, Miriam Posner, Information Studies Representatives
      Marcelo Suárez-Orozco, GSE&IS Dean, ex-officio
      Jody Priselac, GSE&IS Associate Dean, ex-officio
      Cecilia Rios-Aguilar, GSE&IS Associate Dean, ex-officio
      Anne Gilliland, GSE&IS Associate Dean, ex-officio
      Tina Christie, Education Department Chair, ex-officio
      Jean-François Blanchette, Information Studies Department Chair, ex-officio
      Imelda Nava, Education Department Professional Faculty Representative
      Diana Ascher, Information Studies Department Professional Faculty Representative
      TBD, Education Student Representative
      TBD, Information Studies Student Representatives


      Meeting Dates and Locations

      Meetings are open to all GSE&IS academic personnel. In 2018-2019, all meetings will take place in the Moore Hall Reading Room (3340), on the following Thursdays, from 1:00-3:00:

      October 11

      January 24

      February 21

      April 25

      May 23


      GSE&IS Representatives to the UCLA Academic Senate Legislative Assembly

      The Legislative Assembly is empowered to act in all matters for the Los Angeles Division, subject to provisions of Divisional bylaws. Members of the Assembly approve all changes to the Senate Bylaws and Regulations, ratify slates for each of the Senate’s Standing Committees as recommended by the Committee on Committees, review and approve annual reports of each of the Standing Committees, and consider campus-wide issues.  Assembly members elect the six at-large members of the Senate's Executive Board, choosing three each Spring quarter. The Legislative Assembly meets four times a year, in the months of November, February, April, and June.


      Departments are allotted one voting member for each 20 Senate members, with every department allotted at least one member. For more information, see


      Representatives for Education

      • David Garcia
      • Lorena Guillen
      • Ananda Marin


      Representative for Information Studies  

      • Michelle Caswell