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Campus Resources for Ladder Faculty

Charges Committee

The Academic Senate’s Charges Committee investigates complaints made against faculty members.  These complaints must concern a violation of the Faculty Code of Conduct (which includes the sexual harassment policy).  This committee determines if there is sufficient evidence for a hearing to be held by the Committee on Privilege and Tenure.  To initiate a complaint individuals must submit a written statement to the charges committee, which the chair will review to determine if all other college and department level administrative procedure have been exhausted. The chair conducts a preliminary investigation and presents their findings to the Committee on Privilege and Tenure.  Typical grievances filed with the charges committee include issues with faculty teaching, discrimination (both against students and other faculty), sexual harassment, issues of academic integrity, salary related issues and workplace inequities.

SBL 335


Grievance Advisory Committee

 Office of Faculty Diversity and Development


Committee on Academic Personnel


Council of Advisors


UCLA Human Resources Conflict Resolution

The UCLA Human Resources’ Conflict Resolution office is a valuable resource for all UCLA employees who may be facing harassment, discrimination, or violence in the workplace.   The office is also able to support the specific needs of the disabled as well as military veterans.  


Policies & Statements

UC Faculty Code of Conduct


UC Academic Senate Bylaws (see § 335. Privilege and Tenure: Divisional Committees -- Grievance Cases):