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A Message from the Dean

Dear Members of the GSE&IS Community,

I am pleased to share the Final Report of the GSE&IS Committee on Race and Ethnic Relations. I am grateful to the Committee for their hard work and important recommendations. I believe that the Final Report provides a blueprint for establishing a “climate of respect, safety, and support for our students, staff, administration, and faculty” and “give guidance to the questions surrounding the race, ethnic, gender, sexuality, and disability climate” at GSE&IS.

I look forward to working closely with Professor Daniel Solórzano, our inaugural Associate Dean for Equity and Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) at GSE&IS. 

As noted in a prior communication to the entire GSE&IS community, as Associate Dean and Chief Diversity officer Professor Solórzano "will be working closely with the me and the GSE&IS community, inter alia, in implementing the valuable recommendations of the Committee on Race and Ethnic Relations. Furthermore, he will be responsible for conceptualizing, nurturing, and ensuring the establishment of mechanisms and structures to support a rigorous and respectful race, ethnic, gender, sexuality, and disability climate at GSE&IS.  He will be an architect, along with the soon to be established GSE&IS Standing Committee on Equity and Diversity, drawing policies, procedures, and norms for the scholarly and civil discourse on matters related to racial, ethnic, sex, gender and disability at the GSE&IS. As Associate Dean and CDO Professor Solórzano will be working with the Dean and the Standing Committee on a variety of fronts including developing workshops, conferences, and speaker series to further the scholarly engagement with diversity and equity and to build best practices for work on matters of race, ethnic, gender, sexuality, religion and disability bias embodying the highest standards of scholarly inquiry."  

In reading the reports, in visits with the Committee, in multiple on-going conversations with students, staff, administrators and faculty members, I am reminded that scholarly inquiry must be built on foundations of respect, rigor and reflexivity. Without these fundamentals, our fragile edifice of learning and teaching is undermined, our vision is blurred and our mission becomes an elusive mirage. Together, as a community, we must redouble our work towards creating a more just, equitable, and inclusive GSE&IS. 

I am most grateful to Danny and to the entire membership of the Committee for their important work. The entire GSE&IS community joins me in thanking the Committee for its seriousness of purpose, broad and disciplined thinking, intelligent, ethical, and humane recommendations. 

The important work lies ahead. 

Sincerely yours, 

Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco

Dean and Distinguished Professor of Education