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Administrative & Student Directory

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Snowden Becker

Program Manager, M.A. Degree in Moving Image Archive Studies
Adjunct Faculty, Department of Information Studies
GSE&IS 229
(310) 206-9231

Jonathan Furner

Associate Professor
Chair, Information Studies Department
GSE&IS 224
(310) 206-2809

Louis Gomez

Moore Hall 1002
(310) 825-0978

Tyrone Howard

Associate Dean for Equity & Diversity
Moore Hall 1333
(310) 206-0023

Carolee Koehn Hurtado

Director, UCLA Mathematics Project
Moore Hall 1034
(310) 206-7351

Patricia McDonough

Moore Hall 3042
(310) 206-2120

Jody Priselac

Associate Dean for Community Programs
Adjunct Professor
Moore Hall 2320B
(310) 206-0023

Marcelo Suárez-Orozco

Wasserman Dean, GSE&IS
Distinguished Professor of Education
Moore Hall 2320
(310) 825-8308

Carlos Torres

Director of the UCLA Paulo Freire Institute
UNESCO Chair in Global Learning and Global Citizenship Education
Moore Hall 2018
(310) 206-5791


Xavier Arambula

User Support Specialist
Moore Hall 3051
(310) 825-1911

Sarah Bang

Director of TIE-INS (Together in Education in Neighboring Schools)
Moore Hall 2320
(310) 825-8308

Paige Berry

UCLA Lab School
(310) 825-1996

T'Wana Bills

Administrative Specialist
Moore Hall 2051A
(310) 825-9318

Nataly Birch

Program Coordinator, Principal Leadership Institute
Program Coordinator, Together in Education in Neighborhood Schools (TIE-INS)
Moore Hall 1320
(310) 267-4905

Paolo Cantos

Development & Communications Specialist
Moore Hall 2043
(310) 206-0375

Shawnda Carpenter

Budget and Financial Analyst
Moore Hall 2052
(310) 825-5944

Mariela DeMaio

Moore Hall 2005
(310) 825-9260

Elaine Dolalas

Student Affairs Officer
Moore Hall 1009
(310) 206-3264

Olivia Díaz Ramírez

Associate Dean of Administration/CAO
Moore Hall 2320A
(310) 825-9739

Amy Gershon

Moore Hall 1009
(310) 206-1685

Joanie Harmon

Director of Campaign & Development Communications
Moore Hall 2031C
(310) 206-5951

Heath Hewitt

User Support & Training Specialist
Moore Hall 3051
(310) 825-1911

Jacqueline Honda

TEP Program Manager (M.Ed. in Urban Teaching and Credential + Masters Programs)
Moore Hall 1320
(310) 794-2133

Chad Jones

User Support Group Manager
Email, printing, backup, and network operations administration
Moore Hall 3051
(310) 825-1911

Giselle Jose

Assistant Director of Development, Stewardship and Donor Events
Moore Hall 2043
(310) 206-0375

Trenessa Kennedy

Administrative Assistant
Moore Hall 2005
(310) 825-2817

June Kim

Director, TIE-INS Gold
Moore Hall 3101
(213) 271-4425

Amy Lassere

Senior Director of Development
Moore Hall 2043
(310) 835-4299

Ryan Lebre

Assistant to the Chair, Education Department
Moore Hall 2320
(310) 825-2624

Annie Lee

Administrative Assistant, IS
GSE&IS Building 254
(310) 206-9393

Calvin Lee

User Support Specialist
Moore Hall 3051
(310) 825-1911

Leigh Leveen

Director of Annual Giving and Donor Communications
Moore Hall 2043
(310) 206-0375

Laura Lindberg

Executive Director, External Relations
Moore Hall 2043
(310) 206-0375

Hector Lopez

Web Services Manager; Web Developer
Network, Server, and Directory Services Administrator
GSE&IS Building 213
(310) 825-4535

Marco Mascari

Chief Technology Officer, GSE&IS
Director, Educational Technology Unit
Moore Hall 3051
(310) 825-6608

Kimberly Mattheussens

Student Affairs Officer
Moore Hall 2005
(310) 206-1980

Michelle Maye

Student Affairs Officer
GSE&IS Building 207
(310) 825-5269

John McDonald

Director, Sudikoff Family Institute
Moore Hall 2341
(310) 206-0513

Kimberly Mena

Assistant to the Associate Deans
Moore Hall 2320
(310) 206-5331

Judy Miyoshi

Administrative Assistant
Moore Hall 1029
(310) 206-1673

Tracy Nguyen-Phan

Senior Administrative Analyst
Moore Hall 2051A
(310) 825-4426

Matthew Palmer

Administrative Assistant, US and SSCE
Moore Hall 2005
(310) 825-9260

Yolanda Reyna

Program Coordinator, Teacher Education Program
Moore Hall 1320
(310) 206-0796

Marilyn Salinger

Academic Personnel Manager
Moore Hall 2319
(310) 825-8316

Aris Santiago

DSA/Contracts & Grants Analyst
Moore Hall 2052
(310) 206-7424

Justin Scott

Web Administrator
GSE&IS Building 239
(310) 825-2159

Marvin Selga

Contract & Grant Manager
Moore Hall 2052
(310) 825-2150

Harmeet Singh

Graduate Advisor and Credential Counselor
Moore Hall 1009
(310) 825-8327

Sanam Khamneipur Smith

Director of Development, UCLA Lab School
UCLA Lab School
(310) 825-1996

Chris Thomas

Credential & Client Services Coordinator
Moore Hall 1009
(310) 825-8326

Andrew Vanschooneveld

Assistant to the Chair, Information Studies Department
GSE&IS 245 A3
(310) 825-8799

Catherine Vazquez

Human Resources Manager
Moore Hall 2051A
(310) 794-1595

Susan Wiksten

Coordinator of Global Programs
Moore Hall 2009
(310) 206-2382

Ronisa Wilkins Shoate

Administrative Assistant, SRM
Moore Hall 2005
(310) 825-8367

Leah Wilmore

Assistant to the Dean
Moore Hall 2320
(310) 825-8308

Timothy Worman

Application and Database Developer
GSE&IS Building 209
(310) 825-1911

Stella Zhu

Administrative Financial Specialist
Moore Hall 2052
(310) 825-8322

Graduate Students

Anne Blackstock-Bernstein

Ph.D. Student, Human Development and Psychology
Graduate Student Researcher, Dynamic Language Learning Progressions (DLLP) Project
Data Manager, Center for Improving Child Care Quality (CICCQ)

Esthela Chavez

Ph.D. Student, Social Science and Comparative Education
Graduate Student Researcher, Student Affairs Information and Research Office (SAIRO)

Rebecca Cooper Geller

Ph.D. Candidate, Urban Schooling
Graduate Student Researcher, Mann UCLA Community School
Graduate Student Researcher, Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access
Graduate Student Researcher, Black Male Institute

Xianhui (Grace) Dong

Doctoral Candidate, Educational Leadership
Manager of Curriculum and Instruction, Achieve3000
Graduate Students Association in Education (GSAE) Co-President, 2018-2019
Graduate Students Association (GSA) Education Board Member, 2017-2018

William Geibel

Ph.D. Candidate, Social Sciences and Comparative Education
Co-Founder, Global Education Collaborative
Instructor, Global Studies Department

Jamie Gravell

Ph.D. Student, Urban Schooling
Editorial Assistant - Cognition & Instruction

Alison K Munzer

Graduate Student Researcher, Institute for Cultural Sustainability & Educational Equity
Graduate Student Researcher, IMPACT Project
Graduate Student Researcher, Education Major Proposal
Research Associate, Equity and Access Studies in Education
Research Associate, California Academic Partnership Program - College-Going Culture Grant
Research Assistant, The Center for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning

Christian A. Reyes

Ph.D. Student, Social Science and Comparative Education
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