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Summer Room Allocation Policy

The priority for use of rooms in Moore Hall and the GSEIS Building during the summer is as follows:

1. Academic programs for which the classroom work is expected to be carried out during the summer (e.g., PLI and TEP).

2. Contract and grant sponsored programs (e.g., HERI Summer Institute and Center X Professional Development Institutes).

3. Any other programs sponsored by member(s) of the GSE&IS community, including elective courses offered by GSE&IS faculty.


The procedure for requesting and assigning rooms for the summer is as follows:

1. Requests for summer rooms, dates, and times should be submitted by email.  Such requests should include the estimated size of the group and the purpose for which rooms are needed.  Moore Hall requests should be addressed to Ryan Lebre at .  GSEIS Building requests should be addressed to Annie Lee at .

2. After rooms for academic program have been assigned, then contract and grant sponsored programs will be assigned, followed by the rest of the GSE&IS community.  Both Moore Hall and the GSEIS Building are considered in meeting requests according to priority; for example, if all GSEIS Building rooms are assigned to priority 1 uses and there are still more priority 1 requests for GSEIS Building rooms, the need will be met using Moore Hall rooms available after priority 1 requests for Moore Hall have been met.  After all priority 1 requests for rooms in the GSEIS Building and Moore Hall have been met, then priority 2 needs will be addressed.

3. Requestors are honor-bound to limit their requests to actual need, to keep the need as small as possible, and to inform Mr. Lebre or Ms. Lee immediately if the need should change.

Contract and grant sponsored programs are ranked before other non-academic programs because of the performance commitments that we incur upon accepting those awards.  We nevertheless encourage contract and grant programs to include room fees in their proposed budgets so that rooms can be rented in non-GSE&IS facilities if necessary.  With cooperation from everyone, the need to rent rooms will be minimal, and we will all be able to find space we need for our summer programs.